Are electric scooters safe to ride? Tips and safety measures

Accidents, fatalities and injuries happen all the time. And more than half of them happen due to us not following the mandatory safety regulations. From not wearing seat belts or helmets to drinking and driving to overspeeding, the list of our breaches beyond count.

When it comes, e-scooter riding, the answer to this very question of ‘are electric scooters safe to ride’ is subjected to how well are they built, maintained and ridden. Probably, the same applies to all vehicles.

Electric scooters can be extremely safe if driven following the right practices. They are considered to be more stable and slower than bikes or manual scooters. An electric scooter gives you better control and being automatic, your focus remains on riding it safely through your surroundings. Above all, electric scooters are a greener alternative to urban mobility.

Let’s dive into some essential safety tips to ride an e-scooter well.

Adopt these safety measures for smooth e-scooter ride

  • Wear a helmet

    We know how much you’ll be thrilled to get some air through your hair while scooting down the streets. But remember that safety comes first. And safety gears are a must for any vehicle riding. It’s no different for e-scooters. Majority of the fatalities have happened to scooter riders without helmets due to head injuries.

    The market is filled with great quality, sturdy and solid yet modern-looking helmets for electric scooters. Make sure to buy and use them for a safe and happy ride.

  • Go Solo

    Electric scooters are built for a single rider. Doubling up can cause your scooter to go out of balance thus leading to accidents. So, no parent-kid or kid-kid duos on an e-scooter.

    Remember to ride solo, ride safely.

  • Regular scooter maintenance

    There is another thumb rule to drive your e-scooter safely, is to examine it visually before every ride. Check if tyres are in good condition, lights and batteries are well-powered and brakes are proper. Any faults found, then get it checked asap.

    A properly maintained electric scooter is meant to last for years while giving you a safe ride every time.

  • Do not overspeed

    Being automatic, riders are bound to increase the speed. But the maximum speed limit of a scooter in most of the countries is set to 15.5mph. 1/3rd of major accidents while riding e-scooters have happened due to travelling too fast. So never overspeed on an e-scooter for a safer and fantastic ride.

  • Keep both the hands on the scooter

    Being electric and automatic, riders tend to balance single-handedly while holding a phone or bottle. Phone distraction has killed millions of vehicle drivers. The same goes for e-scooters. It is required that the riders balance their scooters with both the hands for better control and keep their focus on the road. Gadget distraction can lead to fatalities

  • Park your scooter well

    Park your e-scooters upright and responsibly. Do not park them at pedestrian walkways or busy sidewalks. You must use the areas designated for e-scooter parking or a place near the curb zone on the furniture zone of the sidewalks.

Are electric scooters safe to ride in the rain?

The answer depends on the type of electric scooter you own, the terrain you are riding on and your riding skills. Electric scooters are safe to ride if you use them carefully. It is better to buy a(waterproof electric scooter )  because otherwise water can cause damage to the electric system of your scooter.

Another thing to keep in mind while riding your electric scooter in rain is the terrain. Riding through uneven terrains and slippery surfaces should be done with utmost care. It’s always recommended to slow down when cruising through such terrain.


Abiding by general safety rules is important for a happy and safe ride. The above-said rules are very basic and can be easily followed with a bit of effort. Both kids and grown-ups should follow them for a smooth electric scooter ride.

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