Best features of Ace Electric Scooter

The young man is riding on the acescoote electric scooter through the evening city by the pathways

Our electric scooters are crafted with the concept of Simplicity & Comfort.

At every aspect, we have made it a point to keep our electric scooter highly user-friendly. With a simple click, kick-off this beauty and go all the way scooting along.

Have a look at the best features of our electric scooter

 Features of Ace Electric Scooter

  • Sturdy design

Made with high-grade aluminium alloy, Ace electric scooters are sturdy yet with low density. Our products weigh between 12 to 14 kg, making it effortless to carry around. 

  • Powerful engine

A 350 W, brushless DC motor engine powers our scooter to go zooming across the street. Ace electric scooters are ridden up to 31km/hr.

  • Built for long distances

With a powerful lithium 36V battery gets our riders a long-range up to 25-35km at a single charge. Special protection from overcharging is also given.

  • Double braking system

An electric brake at the right handlebar and a disc brake at the rear are available for a smoother braking experience. 

  • Folds up in seconds

With a simple flip, you can fold the steering tube and buckle it up. It takes 3 seconds and you can easily carry it along with you and place it in the trunk of the car.

  • Weather-resistant design

We understand the weather of the UK and so have created an all-weather design that will warrant you all the fun you intend to have with your electric scooter.

  • Shock-absorbing rubber tyres

The tyre size of all our ranges varies from 8.5” to 10” in diameter. Along with being puncture and inflation-proof, these tires have anti-slip treads and are also shock-absorbing that help you have a safe and comfortable ride.

  • Amazing dashboard

A special dashboard that displays your speed and battery power. With this dashboard, you can clearly see the ongoing driving state and other details all at a single glance.

  • Pair with your smartphone

Use Bluetooth, to pair your phone with our app. You can use your phone as your dashboard that will help you with all the information and statistics. Use the app to lock your scooter, operate the lights,  and much more.

  • Set speed limits

Furtherly, by pairing with your smartphone, you can limit the speed from 1 -31kh/h. This will allow you to stay on your safe speed limit.

  • 3-speed shift key

A simple key that allows you to easily switch into three-speed levels- 6km/h, 15km/h and 20km/h. 

  • Cruise Control

To maintain a smooth ride, cruise control technology is employed in our electric scooters, that analyses the input signal from the speed sensors. Thus automatically controlling the speed of the scooter and saving the battery power.