How to ride an electric scooter? | Beginner Tips

acescooter-How to ride an electric scooter Beginner Tips

How to ride an electric scooter? | Beginner Tips

Riding an electric scooter is actually easier than you think. All its takes is a good brand electric scooter, some safety gears and lots of practice. 

In this article, we’ll help you with how to ride an electric scooter as a beginner.

 Safety First

It is important that you wear a safety helmet before starting your ride. Safety knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are also advisable. Although once you gain your expertise elbow and knee pads can be avoided. But it is a big NO, to go without your helmets no matter how pro you get at riding.

 Find a less crowded place

As you are a beginner, riding your electric scooter in a secluded and large area will help you get some practice. Also, find a stable foundation where your scooter can move straight. You don’t want to start practising in a bumpy or grassy area.

Follow these basic steps on how to ride an electric scooter

  • Unfold your scooter

Electric scooters come folded in the packaging. So start by unfolding it. For most of our products, just raising the steering tube and latching it with the clip will be enough to unfold your electric scooter. 

  • Power on

Once unfolded place it upright on a stable surface. By pressing the switch on the dashboard you can power up the electric scooter.

Raise the kickstand, hold the handler bars with both hands and place one leg on the deck. Lean forward by slightly bending your knees(of the leg on the deck) and kick off with your other leg that’s on the ground. Once the scooter is moving, place this leg also on the deck but behind your other leg.

  • Push off and throttle

Once you kick off and get some momentum to keep both the legs on the deck, slowly press the throttle found on your right handlebar to keep a smooth motion. At first, be very slow, maybe at the speed of 2 or 4 kmh. Gradually speed up if you are confident.

  • Use the brakes to stop gradually

There are two types of brakes available in all our models- front electronic brakes and rear disc brakes. You can find the electronic brake on the left handlebar. Use them to stop your scooter gradually. Alternatively, you can also use your foot to slowly press the rear disc brake until it has stopped. 

  • Use handlebars to turn

To turn your electric scooter, use the handlebars. To familiarise your scooter, make sure to gently turn the handlebars, but not too far.


TIP: Start at a slow speed. Find your strong and weak leg. Place the weak leg on the deck and strong leg behind it. Practice regularly by turning both right and left sides.  

Practice makes it Perfect

Once you get familiar with your electric scooter, you can practice and become a pro. Most of the riders say that they get comfortable with the ride easily and in about a day they get going with it.

So start shopping our best range of electric scooters here and go scooting right away!