e-scooters : Can it be the new normal of urban mobility?

Pandemic has changed our lives dramatically in innumerable ways. We have become readier than ever to sacrifice our before-pandemic lifestyle only to stop the spread of this deadly virus. The same applies to our commuting choices as well.

Yes, we are going to talk about the ‘the new normal’ of urban mobility while drawing your attention towards the gaining popularity of e-scooters for short commutes in the city during the pandemic.

What are people preferring to commute around cities?

Public transport used to be the best-opted choice for the majority of the people. But not anymore. In these pandemic times, there is a fear among people to choose public transport. Though the government is taking stringent hygiene measures, people are inclined towards private transportation.

With a 90% drop in public transport usage since the pandemic until May 2020, we can see a steep rise in private vehicles on our roads already. One among them that is gaining immense traction is e-scooters.

Though they were in debate of late, for some nodding to be a cleaner mode of commute while others outcry over the dangers and risks associated, e-scooters have become a preferred choice to urban mobility for various reasons.

How are e-scooters an emerging alternative to public transport during and after pandemic?

Did you know that the sales of e-scooters have seen a 60% rise than 2019?

For the economic recovery, businesses have started again and people are commuting for their jobs and basic needs. All this and more but with extra care and precaution. This is the reason why e-scooters,  which used to be a newcomer, can be found scooting through your cities more often.

Benefit of using e-scooters:

  • Perfect for short commutes
  • Low risk of virus exposure
  • Easy to maintain social distancing
  • Move at your pace
  • Light and portable
  • Helps in less-congested roads
  • Zero- Environmentally-friendly.

These benefits depict the clear reason for e-scooters becoming the new face of micro-mobility soon

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e-scooters – Above fun. Towards essentiality

With the fast spread of viruses,  the need for “socially-distanced” commuting options has increased more than ever. e-scooters, that easily adapt to the new COVID-19 measures, play a major role in connecting people and places safely and securely.

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Happy Scooting!