8 Mistake you must avoid while riding an electric scooter

Young man riding an Ace electric scooter in Singapore with an amazing view on the city.

8 Mistake you must avoid while riding an electric scooter

Mistakes happen for a reason. But some can be avoidable with proper awareness and good practices. While riding an electric scooter, there are chances one can get injured due to the mere ignorance. 

Here in this article, we will help you with some mistakes that you must avoid while riding an electric scooter

Mistakes to avoid while riding an electric scooter

  • Not reading the manual

Most of us gather all the information required from various sources such as online reviews, youtube videos, or through word of mouth. But there’s one thing that we ignore or pretty much never care about. It’s the instruction manual. There is a lot of valuable information such as specifications, safety features, riding modes etc. that would help you gain better knowledge about your scooter before riding it. So if you own an electric scooter and haven’t read that manual yet, then go ahead and explore.

  • Not keeping your tire pressures right

Air-filled tyres are known to give best performances but then there are chances one can overlook the tyre pressure. You must make sure to keep your tyres pumped up to the pressures values that can be mostly found on the side of tyres. Having a pump of your own will be immensely useful as you can maintain the optimum tyre pressures and save yourself from punctures.

  • Not wearing safety gears

Most of us after getting used to riding e-scooter, forget to wear safety gears. One has to always make sure to wear at least an electric scooter helmet. This will protect the most important part of your body from getting injured in case of any accidents. While riding an electric scooter, you must wear closed shoes to protect your toes. Wrist guards, knee and elbow pads are also recommended, but not mandatory.

  • Not taking care of your e-scooter battery

The battery is one of the main part of your electric scooter. Leaving your electric scooter with a discharged battery for long hours is a no-no. Charge it even after a short ride. For long rides, ensure to cool down your scooter for about 30 minutes before charging. You should also charge your scooter’s battery with only the original charger.

  • Not following the local traffic rules

Just like any other vehicle, riding an electric scooter requires you to ride keeping the general laws in mind. In most cities, you can ride the electric scooter where the bike is allowed to ride. Riding the electric scooter on the sidewalks is not allowed. While riding e-scooter watch out for pedestrians and never ride too close to the traffic on the road.

  • Not using both hands

You must always use both hands while you ride. Operating the scooter with one hand while another is holding a phone, bag or coffee cup can be dangerous and lead you to go out of balance. Even if we become pro at scooting around, not adapting to the general safety measures of electric scooters is pure ignorance.

Know the tips and safety measures for a smooth electric scooter ride here.

  • Not knowing about your modes

Most of the electric scooters come with three modes- eco, mid and high. ‘Eco’ mode being the slowest gives you the best range, ‘high’ even with the highest speed gives you the least range and ‘mid’ comes in between these two modes. So before riding know your modes which can be easily understood by reading the manual.

  • Not kickstarting for a better start of your ride

Electric scooters will not move with the push of the throttle. You need to kick start before hitting the throttle. This act will give the scooter the initial momentum to have a smooth start.

Why let your ignorance interrupt the best ride you can have? With a little care, your electric scooter ride will be smooth and fun. Buy an electric scooter online here. 

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