How to Clean Electric Scooter?

how to clean electric scooter

Recently, there has been a rise in electric scooters on the roads of the UK. Green mobility that’s not just easy-to-use but also compact and portable attributes to the increasing popularity of electric scooters. While daily use of electric scooters is highly recommended, it also requires you to take good care of this machine. Cleaning, being one of the first to tick in your maintenance routine, can get you confused with so many questions in your mind. Whether to use water or not? Can you use soap? Do the usual cleaning methods cause damage to the scooter? 

Ace Scooter has decided to help proud electric scooter owners with the right method to clean their machine. Scooter owners must ensure that they clean their scooter whenever it gets dirty and also if the scooter remains idle for a long time. So let us move on with some tips and techniques to clean your electric scooter leaving it shiny and sparkling.

Things you would need to clean your scooter

  • Two sponge preferably soft and microfiber.
  • Lukewarm water in a bucket
  • Soapy water in another bucket
  • Lubricating oil, vaseline or WD40
  • A cleaning brush 
  • Old toothbrushes
  • Bottlebrush
  • Disposable clothes

Things to do before cleaning:

  • Read your manual instructions carefully.
  • Know what material is used to make your scooter.
  • Know the IP rating.
  • Know where the battery is placed.
  • Give it a run or two, to heat the battery.
  • Riding your scooter before riding will also remove any water trapped inside.

Follow these steps to clean your electric scooter

With the materials given above, you can follow the below-given steps and start your cleaning process:

  • Step 1- Setting up the cleaning process

This step is to prepare your scooter for cleaning. First, assemble all the cleaning essentials as given in the list above. Switch off the scooter to avoid any surprising injuries. Set a space for cleaning, preferably outdoors. Also do not forget to pay heed to the above points given in “things to do before cleaning”.

  • Step 2- Cleaning the exteriors

The next step is to clean the scooter’s exterior parts. Use the bucket with soapy water first, dip the sponge, and squeeze out the water thoroughly, so that only a little moisture remains. Due to the electronic parts, water is not good for cleaning electric scooters. So now, take the thoroughly squeezed sponge to clean the handlebars, footrest, throttle levers, forks, lights, fenders, and kickstand. Wash in straight lines and not circular motions, as it can cause scratches.

Now take the other bucket of clean water and the second sponge to wipe clean the surface. You can also use the same sponge, but make sure to clean it well before wiping it clean, to avoid sticking dirt and scratching the surface.

  • Step 3- Cleaning the wheels

Next comes the wheels. You can clean the wheels however you want, but make sure to never use heavy chemicals as it damages the wheel parts. Plain soapy water and sponge can also do wonders. You can use the light bottle brush to clean any dirt stuck in the wheel spokes. Also, do not forget to inspect the tires and look for any wear and tears. Also, keep a check on the tire pressure as well.

  • Step 4- Drying and lubricating the joints

After cleaning the exterior parts and the wheels, dry the scooter with a cloth. Repeat the drying process along with allowing your scooter to be air-dry in shade as well. You should make sure that no water droplets slide into the electronic parts. After your scooter is completely dry, the next step is to lubricate the joints. We advise you to read the manual well before lubricating. Joint near the suspension, pins connecting both the wheels and handlebar stem are the common areas to 

Lubricate. Make sure never to overdo with lubricants.

Things you must avoid-How to clean your scooter?

  • Do not use the hose as water can easily slide into the electronic parts
  • Never use high-pressure washing
  • Avoid cleaning the scooter when it’s hot.
  • Never use a hairdryer for drying your scooter as it heats electronics and also lets water slide into the parts.
  • Never let the scooter dry in the sun. The water droplets will attract heat, causing the internal circuits to get heated up.
  • Never use harsh chemicals, only environmentally friendly cleaners.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your electric scooter will keep it kicking for a longer period of time. Washing your scooter whenever it is dirty or at least twice a month is recommended. For more tips and tricks, check out our blog.

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