Waiting to buy your first non-sweaty ride? Want to know how to choose the right electric scooter?Let’s save you from all the confusion with this detailed buying guide below.

Factors to consider before buying an electric scooter:

  1. Wheel size:
    The larger the wheel size , the better will the stability of your electric scooter. There are wheel sizes available from 6.5” to 10” in diameter. It is always recommended to choose an electric scooter with a wheel size of at least 8” in size for a better and safe ride.
  2. Tyres :
    If you are planning to take your scooter on rough terrain, then better opt for rubber tyres with anti slip treads. Another thing to keep in mind is that the tyres must be puncture-proof and shock absorbing.
  3. Speed:
    The more powerful motor your electric scooter has, the more easy it gets to scoot ahead uphill. The speed an electric scooter can achieve depends upon the motor power. Ideally, 15mph is considered to be a safe and average speed of electric scooters.
  4. Range:
    This depends on your battery capacity. Shorter commutes inside the city or in your neighbourhood will require you to have small batteries. Longer journeys that can go for hours will need large batteries.
  5. Weight:
    Are you planning to fold and carry your scooter? Then opt for a lightweight electric scooter. Most of them start from 12.5 kg to 15kg.
  6. Maximum load:
    Every electric scooter has its own capacity of load. Our range of electric scooters have a maximum load capacity of 125 kg. If the load on the electric scooter goes beyond this then the efficiency and safety of the ride will be under question.
  7. Brakes:
    One of major factor to look forth are the brakes. The commonly found ones are electric, disc and foot brakes. Electric brakes lets you stop instantly and is less prone to wear and tear. Disc brakes are great but require regular maintenance. Foot brakes are only best for kids’ electric scooters as it requires the rider to stand on the rear mudguard to stop.
  8. Lights:
    These are essential with regard to the safety aspects. One would need lights for night riding. Some electric scooters will have them factory-made.
  9. Price:
    Electric scooters will require you to pay a bit more than the conventional one. So compare the prices along with the features you’ll need to arrive at a decision.
  10. Other features:
    Special dashboard, push accelerated, fast folding, weather resistant, and single press power button controls are some of cutting-edge features to look out for.